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After six years of California dreaming, I've recently relocated to Venice, Italy, where I freelance for photography, writing, and physics. I've been exploring photography for about seven years. My father was a professional photographer, but unfortunately, I didn't take the opportunity to learn as much as I would have liked from him. . Claudia Goetzelman, an excellent San Francisco-based photographer, helped me get started initially in April of 1997 when we met in Singapore. I lived in Chongqing, China for about one year (teaching English), traveled through Asia extensively, and returned to Beijing with a grant to photograph the changing face of the Chinese capital in 1998. Through my work (as an editor, writer, and photographer) in Student Traveler magazine ( I have been on assignment in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico. Of course, I am available for assignments worldwide.



A partial list of clients:


·  Entrepreneur Magazine

·  Student Traveler Magazine

·  Fox News

·  In-Singapore Magazine

·  Customs and Cultures of China (book)

·  Footprints Handbooks for Costa Rica and Central Americas


·  Ampersand Journal

·  Faultline Literary and Arts Journal


In addition to the Nikon system, I shoot some medium format photography. I very frequently use a Holga 120 (as lovable a toy camera as there ever was, for the "dreams" section of my portfolio), and a 2 1/4 Hai Bao (Seagull) Chinese bellows camera. I don't know the age of the Seagull, but I think it's fairly old. If anyone has information on this camera, I'd like to hear from you. For now, I like to split my efforts almost equally between color (digital and slides/negs) and black and white (negative film). I use Fuvi Velvia (RVP), Provia 100, and Kodak Porta 160 and 400 VC, and TMAX 100 or 400.

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Gigi Oddone's excellent color images from many locations